Hardware Wallet Maker Ledger Launches Software App To Manage Crypto

Hardware wallet Ledger has launched Ledger Live, an app for managing its cryptocurrency hardware wallet. The app supports a broad swathe of popular cryptocurrencies and is open source to enable developers to design third party apps that integrate with other apps in the ecosystem.

“We believe that digital asset investment and storage should be as simple as any other online transaction, so we’ve brought together several existing Chrome apps and management tools into one system, which can be set up with just a few clicks,” a company spokesperson.

Notable features of Ledger Live include the ability to import and manage multiple crypto accounts using a single interface, real-time updates, and security features that incorporate transfer confirmations between multiple accounts. Support for ERC20 tokens is not available in the current release but has been planned in the future.

Ledger, which is already well-known for its consumer hardware wallets, has sold more than 1.2 million units of Ledger Nano S, its best-selling wallet, across 165 countries. The company made news at the Consensus 2018 conference by announcing a custody solution for institutional investors in partnership with Japanese investment bank Nomura. That announcement made it among the first custody solutions targeted at institutional investors in the cryptocurrency markets. Coinbase followed soon after.

“Alongside our institutional and enterprise offering, Ledger remains as committed as ever to high quality hardware wallets for consumers,” a spokesperson for the company said. “We believe that cryptocurrencies will fundamentally change how societies use money, and that individual and enterprise users should be able to participate in this new economy, in the knowledge that their private keys are safe and secure.”

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