Samsung to Introduce Cryptocurrency Service in Galaxy S10: Report

Samsung Electronics is developing a service to store and transact using cryptocurrencies on the latest edition of its Galaxy series. According to a report in online publication Sam Mobile, the South Korean giant’s Galaxy S10 phone will have a service that consists of a cold wallet and an online cryptocurrency service. The cold wallet will store public and private keys necessary to conduct transactions away from the Internet. It will integrate with third-party wallets and may include support for bitcoin, ethereum’s ether and its tokens and bitcoin cash. The cryptocurrency wallet, which will be connected to the Internet, will enable users to conduct transactions with cryptocurrencies and view account details. Users will need to enter their PIN and scan fingerprints to access the service. 

Samsung’s Galaxy series are among the top-selling mobile phones in the world. While it may be premature to expect investors and users to begin using the service in large numbers, its introduction will help further the mainstreaming of cryptocurrencies for daily transaction.

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