IBM Files Patent For Blockchain-Based Browser

Tech giant IBM is developing a blockchain-based browser.

The Armonk, New York – based company has filed a patent for a system which will maintain a record of browser events inside a blockchain. The system will also utilize a token to verify browsing activities for each user

A Privacy-focused Browser

IBM’s filing makes clear that the new system is focused on privacy. Once it is collected, user data is network of peer-to-peer nodes for storage. However, not all data is stored on the nodes. For example, a user’s search history may be stored but cookies associated with the browsing history may be automatically deleted based on preset parameters. Cookies generally retrieve and store information relating to an individual’s personal history. The patent filing states that the browsing experience is based on the user’s experience, meaning it may change based on the place it is accessed from, whether home or work.

This is not the first concept for a web browser powered by blockchain. In June this year, Opera, the Norway-based web browser, launched iOS Opera Touch, a browser for Web 3.0 – as the blockchain-based Internet is referred to by its enthusiasts. The browser from Opera has a crypto wallet built into it and connects to Web 3.0 apps seamlessly, which includes all ERC-20 standard tokens.

IBM itself has also filed for other patents related to blockchain. In 2018, the company made a patent application in the self-driving sector. The system would allow for improved data privacy as these cars collect data to predict human actions using blockchain technology.

Multiple Blockchain Initiatives

IBM has an active participant in the blockchain community.

In May 2018, the company partnered with Veridium Labs to tokenize carbon credits. At the time, both parties announced that they would work together to help firms looking for an efficient method of offsetting their carbon footprint. In July 2018, the company partnered with Stronghold to create a stablecoin. The stablecoin, called USD Anchor, will run on the Stellar Network.

This year has also been a busy one for the company in this sector. On August 5, the company announced the Know Your Supplier network, a blockchain network developed in collaboration with Chainyard. This network’s main goal is to deal with issues revolving around supply chain management. Some of the largest companies in the world in various sectors have already signed up to this project. Besides that, the company was one of the three firms chosen by the US FDA in June 2019 to create a pilot project, based on blockchain technology. This project aims to ensure the protection of product integrity in the pharmaceutical industry.

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