Samsung Adds Bitcoin Support to Blockchain Keystore SDK

Samsung’s S10 has now added support for Bitcoin in its Blockchain Keystore SDK. In simple terms, this means that wallets on Samsung’s device will support Bitcoin and Ethereum.  It also means that apps on Samsung’s device will be able to integrate crypto payment mechanisms. An SDK is used by developers to build applications for the device. Samsung also announced support for Klay, a cryptocurrency used in the Klaytn blockchain network created by South Korean mobile company Kakao Inc., on its network.

While the decision was released to the public on August 8, it was not until August 13 that a Redditor noticed it and posted it online. With this update, the Keystore SDK is going to let Android apps interact directly with the crypto-based Keystore that appears on the latest Galaxy devices. Consequently, users will be able to reference blockchain addresses directly and sign crypto transactions.

 Samsung offers the SDK to developers via an application process. But the company stated that it will provide full access to all developers by the end of this year. Samsung has even stated so in the official site of the Keystore project. For now, developers have to request access to use the beta version of the SDK.

They have been waiting for the addition of cryptocurrency support to Samsung’s wallet for some time now. When crypto support for the S10 was launched, Ethereum’s Ether and ERC-20 tokens were the only blockchain and coins supported.

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