Taking A Break

As the title indicates, I am taking a break from writing on this site.

There are psychological and financial reasons for my decision. I am out of money. I am out of food. Someone stole my phone. My Internet connection and bank account have been shut down. My credit cards are useless. I walk a mile each day, back and forth, to write about crypto’s manufactured exploits at a public library.

A learning: tilting at the crypto windmill while starving is not really worth it.

If you have enjoyed reading this blog and would like to contribute to my financial rehabilitation (or help me eat a proper meal after many months), then feel free to send money (cash and of the fiat variety only) at the following address:

Rakesh Sharma

#3A, 265 Cabrini Boulevard

New York

New York – 10040

[You can also use this address to kill me for contributing to the nonsense around crypto].

I will see you next week, next month, or next year, if I am able to survive till then. Hopefully, crypto’s juvenilia will have ended and I will have new and more interesting things to write about then.

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